Are you Good At Making Decisions?

Are you good at making decisions? I'm not. "Terrible" would be a nice way of describing my decision-making process. "Incredible lengthy" and "unproductive" are other terms that come to mind.

I live in fear of making the wrong decision. Doesn't matter if it revolves around buying a $10 pair of earrings or a $50,000 car, I go through the same process of "should I/shouldn't I?" with every decision. (BTW, I do NOT drive a $50,000 car--just an example!)

While Blair and I are extremely happy in our choice of cabin designer (you should see the pictures of homes she's worked on - drool, drool, drool...), I'm feeling overwhelmed. Do we want a walkout basement, a loft, a second story, or a loft and basement? What color wood, inside and out? We want a wraparound porch, covered in most areas. Yet if we do that, the covered porch serves to separate you to some degree from nature while inside the house. How will we use the space? We think we'll spend most of the time out on the porch, the point of the cabin being to escape and enjoy nature. But what if we're wrong in how we'll use it? We'd love real stonework, but the facade stone is 1/3 the cost of real stone. Is it worth it to have the real stuff or is our money better spent elsewhere? I love a nice bathroom, but it is worth it to spend money on a tile shower, or just put in a regular acrylic shower liner and move on? Will I be glad we saved the money to use elsewhere, or wishing I had sprung for a bathroom upgrade?

These are but a small sample of the questions we're grappling with. (I know... everyone should be burdened with such problems).  But my head is spinning and I'm feeling less like making decisions and more like burrowing under my covers for a week and letting it all blow past. I always swore I'd never build my own home because I knew this would be my reaction to it. I just need to breath and remember that there aren't necessarily any right/wrong decisions and everything will work out in the end.

And a little wine probably wouldn't hurt...