Bogged Down In E-Mail

I get way too much e-mail.

Some of it comes unsolicited. I can say with the great certainty I have never asked for or shown an interest in Viagra, Viagra substitutes, or any of the other "male enhancement" e-mails that come my way. Likewise, I don't want energy pills, weight-loss pills, and I don't care to hook up with former high school classmates.

But I also receive a lot of e-mail I ask for. I'm signed for probably, oh I don't know, let's say 8 newsletters. Some are weekly, most are monthly. These range from public speaking to writing centered, humor to business oriented. I signed up for most of them thinking that browsing through them on a monthly basis would keep me immersed in a fresh flow of ideas for columns and articles, as well as keep me "in the know" on subject areas I profess a desire to stay abreast in.

That might work, if I read the e-mails. Instead, 9 times out of 10, I'll delete the e-mail newsletter w/out ever reading it, but with the thought of "I'm too busy this month. I'll read it next month for sure."  Which means I receive all these e-mails only to delete them and gain no knowledge. Seems a bit silly.

But I can't bring myself to not subscribe. Maybe one day I will need them but will have forgotten they're there as a resource because I unsubscribed. Or maybe I really will find the time next month to skim through them.

Chaos rules around the world, but hope springs eternal here at Harris manor...