Dena Does Amsterdam

If that blog title doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will. Yes, the Harris' have returned from a quick trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Bruges.  I wrote entries for this blog and set them to post on different days while we were gone, so as not to announce to the world that we were leaving for vacation. Tricky, no...?

SO MUCH to tell. I will attempt to avoid the "and then we went here, and then there, and then back here" travel account and instead give my entries over the next few days that special "Dena spin." (aka, I will focus less on the magnificent and awe-inspiring sites we saw and home in on what really matters--me. ;)

If you hate travel logs of any sort, you might want to ditch this blog for the next week, as that's what the focus will be. But really, I'll try to keep them fun.

Okay, just a quick overview because I came home to 302 e-mails, about 10 of which needed my immediate attention last week, and I'm still operating on minimal sleep. I feel a nap in the very near future.

But now, welcome to the world of



Planes: I don't know why I travel. I don't enjoy the process. Sardines squeezed in a tin can describes the flight over. There was 1/8" of leg room before the person in front of me decided to cruise the entire 8 hours with their seat in the full reclined position. I ate a bag of peanut trail mix and my feet swelled to the size of square bricks--it was actually creepy to see. Blair plugged in his headphones and didn't talk the whole flight. Coming back was better. A little more leg room and we played Othello, watched 2 movies, and were served ice-cream as a treat. It really doesn't take much to make me happy...

Food: Belgium waffles RULE! So freakin' good. Also had a warm goat cheese salad in Bruges to die for. Most important thing I noticed about food is portion control. I felt good after every meal with the exception of the one night we ate at Hard Rock Cafe- Amsterdam. Then I left the table sick from overeating. Otherwise, the portions and drink sizes are just right. Wish this country would follow that example...

Pets: I returned to find a discussion on my Dog Writers list-serv about starting a movement in this country to allow animals into restaurants. Sign me up! I loved Brussels and Amsterdam, where dogs and cats were in almost every shop and restaurant. The animals are extremely well-behaved and sit patiently beside owners or just lie on the floor under tables. We ate at a little Bistro and a black and white kitty rubbed against our legs and then jumped on a neighboring table to sniff at what was in their glasses before wandering the bar top. Eventually the owners tossed some tuna on the floor of the tavern. A U.S. Health Inspector might have a heart attack, but I find having animals around makes for a most congenial meal.

Preview of what's to come:

  • Anne Frank House tour
  • Missing our train stop in Amsterdam
  • Touring the Red Light District with my southern gentleman of a husband
  • Paying to Pee
  • The story of the vomiting wafer
  • Running out of money (SO not fun...)
  • AND MORE!!!