When the Work Comes Flowing In...

Yesterday morning, 6 AM. I was sitting in front of my computer, glancing to my right at the bulletin board with my list of current assignments. A Pet-A-Scopes column is coming due for Banfield magazine and the editor has given me permission to try some new formats for the column, but other than that, the slate is blank. I tidied up all my loose ends before we left for vacation and purposefully avoided actively seeking out new work. Seemed a good idea at the time but hmmm... no work = no income. What's a writing gal to do?

Give it 24 hours. I love days like yesterday where I headed out thinking I knew what the day held and arrived home bombarded with new opportunities. To wit:

  • Looks like I may be writing a wedding speech for a Guru.com client. The 2 page speech is due by tomorrow evening and the client and I have yet to connect by phone but hey--I love a challenge.
  • I was tapping away on my laptop yesterday at Panera and ran into a client I may be ghostwriting a book for. She was with a man who runs a web site solution site and we exchanged cards and there may be some interest in me writing for site clients.
  • At my leads group, someone asked me look over his company's national web site and make suggestions on how it might be improved and he's putting me in touch with the new marketing person at their headquarters.
  • Someone saw my ad in Piedmont magazine and called to ask me to write an introductory letter for his business to several chambers of commerce.
  • Another client of mine referred me to someone who needs a resume rewrite and possible ghostwriting project.
  • I received an e-mail from a former client who may have a new project for me to work on.

Friends, the above is the definition of a good day. I kept waiting for someone to pop out and announce I'd won the lotto--and never mind that I don't buy lottery tickets.

Now if you'll excuse me... I have work to do.