New Nephew

200880-853125-thumbnail.jpg Sorry for the absence on the blog. Blair and I travelled to Chicago this weekend to meet our newest nephew, Cole.  SUCH a cutie--perfectly round head, big round blue eyes, and barely fussed at all. So far his interests include having his diaper changed and being naked (loves being naked).  Big brother Jake likes to give him kisses and calls him, "my baby."

Speaking of Jake, he kept referring to Blair as "your friend." So he'd look at me and say, "Where did your friend go?" Finally, Grant looks at him and says, "Jake, his name is Uncle Blair." Jake looks at me and says, "Where did your friend Uncle Blair go?"

Hope you enjoy this pictures from our trip. Click on them to enlarge the images.

I swear, he was all smiles seconds before we pulled out the camera.

Nicole was running bath water and I walked in and found Cole on the floor. Cracked me up.

I love baths!


We gave Jake a bubble gun. No need to thank us...
Snuggle baby