A New Obsession for the Anal-Retentive Runner

I just discovered the free running log on CoolRunning.com.  Now I'm obsessed. You log on daily to enter not only your miles and time run (for which it automatically converts into your mile-per-minute running pace), but also to catalog weather conditions, what shoes you wore (so you know when you've put enough miles on one pair that you're due for new ones), who you ran with, what type of run it was (training, interval, etc.), specifically what trail you ran, and a place for notes so you can record what you ate, how you felt, and whatever else may be of interest.

Each time you log on it gives you an updated report showing how many miles logged for the week/month/year and your average pace.

SUCH a dangerous tool to give to someone like myself. I swear, I'm well on my way to becoming one of those elderly adults charting my bowel movements and crowing over my success rate to the other nursing home residents.

Although actually, in the two weeks since I've discovered it, I find I'm making myself run just a bit longer and more often with the thought "I get to add this to my running journal!" pounding joyously in my head as I sweat off the last few miles.

Vanity, thy name is Dena.

(Hey--whatever works...)