Ender's Game - Book of the Month

Sunday night I sent an e-mail to a dear friend of mine with the Subject line: "Curses on you."  The curses was because I had a number of things to get done on Sunday: grocery store, clean house, cook, spend time with cats, spend time with Blair, prepare for the work week, balance my checkbook, exercise, etc.  and none of it got done.

Why? Because I spent all day Sunday reading the book my friend had given me. What is in fact my new favorite book of the moment, Ender's Game.

This is not a new book. I believe the first printing came out in 1977. It's also Sci-Fi, a genre I don't read a lot in. But oh. My. God. SUCH a good book. I was hooked early on and never looked up except to forage occasionally in the fridge for food. Planted myself on the couch and pretty much didn't move from 10 AM on.

I love days like that. I don't have many of them anymore. It's been ages since I've found a book that's had a strong enough hold over me to keep me reading for hours at a time.

So if you like sci-fi, even a little, and are looking for a good read, pick up Ender's Game. You won't be disappointed.