Orson Scott Card Sent Me "Ender's Shadow"

Watch me do my victory dance. Or happy dance. Whatever.

A few days ago I blogged about a new favorite book of mine, Ender's Game. I also mentioned how I had sent an e-mail to my friend Ed (he of yesterday's Bizarro-public speaking episode) with the subject line, "Curses On You." Ed was the one to give me the book and is the editor for Card's hugely popular online magazine, Intergalactic Medicine Show.

It was kind of a cute e-mail as I made a list of what I was supposed to do in the morning and then what I did: Read Ender's Game. What I was supposed to do in the afternoon and what I did: Read Ender's Game. Etc.

Without my knowledge, Ed forwarded the e-mail to Card, and Card turned around and sent me a SIGNED HARDBACK COPY of Ender's Shadow. Whoo-hoo! This is a big deal because:

1) I love books

2) I love signed books

3) It was such an unexpected surprise. I opened my mail and almost fell off the chair. On the title page in blue ink are printed the words: "To Dena Harris: In the dark, where do shadows go?" And then (apologies, Mr. Card) an almost entirely unlegible but page consuming signature.

Right now I'm reading the next book in the series which is Speaker For The Dead. But after that, I'll read my beautiful signed book.

One day, I'd like to be a big name author who spreads joy throughout the Universe by mailing signed copies of my book to unsuspecting fans. Right now, most of my books are to be found in the mass of bathroom reading material beside people's toilets.

"Don't be offended," friends say when I visit their home and find my book wedged between last Sunday's sports section and some book by Martha Stewart on home decor in the basket that also contains the extra rolls of toilet paper.

I'm not offended at all. At least it's being read. Baby steps... b-a-b-y steps.