Class All Week

I've enrolled in a week long creative writing class in Winston-Salem this week, taught by Pat Schneider. Why? I don't do much creative writing these days and while I don't necessarily miss it, I fear letting that creative muscle go too long without use will cause it to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. And I'd like it to still be there should I ever feel the need to call upon it.

Forced creativity--that's the key. If I can't make myself sit down and write something, then I'll pay someone money to make me sit down and do it. (It's hard to see my logic put down on paper--it always sounds so much better in my mind...)

I also think practicing creative writing can be a great source of inspiration to beef up my non-fiction work. The more an article reads like a story, the better.

I have no idea what to expect of the class. I'm not sure how it's structured, what we'll be asked to do, how much is lecture versus writing time (although I suspect very little lecture and MUCHO writing time), if there are take-home assignments, etc.

The word of the week, boys and girls, is BALANCE. Auntie Dena still has a major article due on Monday that she needs to conduct 3 interviews for this week, write the piece, let it sit, review it, then send it. But that's why God made late nights and weekends.

Have a great week.