Writing Class Update

I am lovin' the creative writing class I'm enrolled in this week. Honestly, I wasn't sure it was for me on day one. There was a lot of "creating a safe environment" and "honoring our inner voice" and "What I hear you saying is..." talk that made me fearful I'd entered a mushy-gushy let's-pass-around-flowers-and-contemplate-our-navels zone.

Couldn't be further from the truth. I see now the benefit of establishing that safe zone as there was been some raw writing that's come from class members this week. The group is energetic and fun and yesterday when our assignment was to write an erotic piece, I went home with my belly hurting from laughing so hard at what some people came up with. (Laughing with them, not at them.) It's an extremely talented group of 11 women and one brave man. I'm loathe for the class to end. Turns out I can churn out a LOT of creative writing when I have someone there, leading me through timed exercises. I kind of hate to return to the real world.

But the real world is already creeping back in. I'm working on an article at the moment that not only isn't coming together, it seems to be falling apart at an exponential rate. I'm really not sure how I'm going to salvage it and did I mention the time restraints? I credit my current enjoyment of my writing class for keeping me from being ultra-stressed out over it. I just tell myself I'll get through it and finish it because I always do. But unfortunately, given the time constraints, I'm spending afternoons on the article instead of on the take-home assignments from class.

I've been having...mmmm....if not insights, at least thoughts about the direction I'd like to grow my career.  Not quite ready to share yet as I'm still wavering in areas. Part of the quandary is I'm very much a grass is always greener on the other side type person. So I never just SETTLE for where I am. It's one of those qualities I love/hate about myself.

Okay...off to write some creative erotica. (And you thought writing classes were boring....)