Read This & Feel Good

My neighbor's 79 year-old mother just received her high school diploma. I don't know the full story, but she had to drop out of school around age 14 or 15, I think to help with income and the family. But she always felt bad that she'd never graduated high school and so decided at the age of 77 that she'd do something to change that. So she's been taking GED courses and just finished her last one. She walked across the stage at the community college graduation ceremony to receive her diploma. Her kids were cheering the loudest.

How's that for a warm fuzzy to start your day? Personally, I'm inspired. She's not planning on doing anything with the diploma, but it was important to her so she set a goal and accomplished it. At age 79. Makes me look at my own life and some things I've been hoping to accomplish but have taken no action toward. What's my excuse?