Dena's Ticket to American Idol Fame - Yeah, baby!

Mark your calendars for the big event: October 2007 will see the world-wide release of my short humor story, Under-dawg, in the new "Chicken Soup for the American Idol Lover's Soul." Oh yeah.

I just got the release form e-mailed to me today. Don't let those Chicken Soup people fool you--they don't play around when it comes to contracts. They demand all rights now and forever (seriously) from you AND your heirs, dependants, etc.  Given however that I currently have no major motion movie plans for my American Idol story, I'm willing to let it go.

My story revolves around the influence Randy Jackson has had on the American vocabulary, and how my oh-so-white husband complimented me on my cooking last year by calling me a dog (dawg), amid a flurry of "Yo, yo, yo's!"  Trust me and just buy the book.

I did my thing, baby. I did my thing...