Getting the Hang of This Pet Sitting Thing...

Okay, things have improved. I brought the dog in at noon and he, the kitten, and myself all took a little siesta together in the family room. (The kitten fell asleep on my chest with his arms reaching up and circling my neck in a hug. OMG! I am sooo going to miss snuggling with this cat!) Then, since it was so hot, I let the dog stay in which is fortunate because it just poured rain here a few minutes ago. Not having to deal with wet dog is reason enough to be grateful.

When I went back to let the dog out for a quick pee, he had eaten all his food from this morning. I gave him the rest of his mosit food and he gobbled that down too. Yea! Eating dog! The cat was also prowling around so I let her in and she ate her food. Success all around, with the small exception of the kitten who insists on ignoring his food and instead knocks giant kibbles out of the dog's dish to munch on. Go figure.

I have accomplished little today. My mind has been with the animals most of the day. I know I make what should be the simple task of feeding them twice a day into something much bigger than it needs to be, but that's my personality with pets. I am VERY MUCH looking forward to being off the hook for their safety and well being. Two other numbers are stepping up Wednesday and Thursday and then I'm back on duty for Friday.