Bathroom Graffiti

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. That seems to be the attitude of The Green Bean, a coffee house I frequent as they have free wi-fi and will allow you to occupy one of their tables for hours on end with only the purchase of a small coffee. Kind of an artsy place as well, great for the creative spirit.

For the past several years, the Bean has suffered from bathroom graffiti (At least in the ladies room. I can't speak for the men's.) Inked commands to "Love God Now!" countered by the "God is a lie" and "Smoking weed is good for you" agendas.  The scribbling was out of control, with barely an inch of wall space left and "fights" taking place via writings on the wall.

The other week I noted that the Bean had taken action and painted the walls black. Depressing, but I supposed effective to stop the writing. Only they didn't stop there. I discovered today the black wall is actually a chalkboard and they've provided a big basket of thick, colored chalk for the messengers to write away with. I find this a clever way of keeping walls clean (one swipe and an offending message or language is gone) while still satisfying customer desire.

One thing that interests me. Some of the writings on the wall are rather bizarre and I have a hard time picturing the people I see at the Bean as writing them. But who knows what goes on in private when it's just you, a toilet, and a piece of chalk, eh? Power to the people...