The Beetle Who Went On His Travels

Ever heard of this Hans Anderson fairy tale? Me neither. But it's the story I'll be telling for my next Toastmaster's speech. I'm working out of the "Storytelling" advanced manual and my first speech project is to "tell a folk tale that is entertaining and interesting." I decided I'd have a better chance of holding everyone's attention if I picked a story hopefully no one is familiar with.

I just started practicing the 7-9 minute speech and it's starting to come together. Storytelling is a lot different--and in my opinion, a lot harder--then straight speech giving. There's more "acting" involved and pace and rhythm take center stage. Right now, I think I sound like I'm talking down to my audience vs. relating a story. Have to work on that before the speech next Wednesday.

So if you come to the door and hear me muttering about beetles, I haven't lost it. I'm just practicing.