Everyone Loves A Good Potato Salad

Here's a replay of the conversation Blair and I held last night. We've been invited to a friends 4th of July cookout and...well, you'll see for yourself.

Blair: "Should we bring something?"

Dena: "Of course we should bring something. I'll figure out something to bring."

Blair: "I wish we had a really good dish that we could always just bring to things like this."

Dena: "Ooh! I know! I'll bring that 3-bean summer salad thing I make. That's really good. People like that."

Blair: "Or potato salad. We could bring potato salad. Everyone likes a really good potato salad."

Dena: "I don't know how to make a really good potato salad."

Blair, looking crushed. "Oh." Pause. "Maybe you could find a recipe?"

Dena, irritated: "I'm bringing the 3-bean salad. Everyone loves bean salad! If you want to bring potato salad, fine. YOU figure it out."

Okay, so it's not MENSA material. Just a special little glimpse into the inner workings of our life and probably something to make you feel better about your own relationship. Cheers.