Weekly Round-up

I didn't realize I'd been away from the blog for so long--that whole "life" thing intervened the last few days. Instead of rehashing minute-by-minute the drama of the past few days, here's a quick summary to bring everyone up to speed:

  • I taught my "Get Published! The Ins & Outs of Writing for Magazines" to 13 people on Saturday. I'm very pleased with the outcome of the workshop. The participants were relaxed and funny and asked questions. We flew through a ton of material, and I still ran out of time! I already have 6 people on a wait list so I'll run the class again in the fall. I might make it longer and I'm definitely doing a "pay upfront & no refund after a certain date" set-up. One woman cancelled the night before class--annoying.
  • I was exhausted after teaching and came home and slept for 3 hours. Although I feed off the energy in the room while teaching, my introvert side kicks in when all is said and down and I just have to go squirrel myself away to regroup.
  • Yesterday morning kicked off Day 1 of Marathon Training with the Off N' Running Group. It was a little anti-climatic. We just did a quick 3-mile run so the two owners could get a sense of where we all are. I like the group though - it's a good mix of advanced (2 women in the group have qualified to run the Boston Marathon) and beginner runners. I feel confident I'll hold my own. Tomorrow we meet for speed work, which is interval training--running around a track at fast paces with short recovery periods. I've read a lot about the training but was never sure how to do it, so I'm looking forward to learning.
  • Blair is kayak king. He's out on the river almost every weekend while I'm running. Then we meet back home for lunch.
  • I am relishing a s-l-o-w week. I"m ahead on all my projects and just have an interview and short article to write this week. Who knows what I'll do? Maybe work on my public speaking book or I've got a bunch of new and 1/2 written stories for a sequel cat humor book that I need to put together.  But it's lovely for the first time in weeks to wake up and feel no pressure or stress. Nothing is due. Nothing is imminent. I get to set the pace.  I could get used to this...
  • And speaking of setting paces, I'm running a 5k on the fourth where I will attempt to break my PR (Personal Record) of 26:27.  We'll see how I'm left feeling after Tuesday's speedwork.
  • Jessica Alba. Something needs to be done. The woman looks like she's been pasted together from rejected Mattel Barbie parts. (We saw "The Fantastic 4: The Silver Surfer" on Friday).  Bad bleach job on the hair, obviously fake purple/blue contacts, spray-on-tan bordering on melanoma, and lips the size of Massachusetts.  I realize the target audience is 13-year-old boys, but dear God. I hope she doesn't go around looking like that in real life.

Let's see... running, workshops, work, and cattiness. Yes, that just about covers it. Hope you're kicking off to a stellar Monday.