5k Race Results

I've had some good runs this week. Yesterday was the Kernersville 4th of July 5k (3.1 miles) race. I ran my best race time yet of 25:42 (8:17/mile) and came in fourth in my age group of 35-39 year olds. This is my inaugural race--last year at this race was the first time I ever competed. I bettered my time this year by almost 4 minutes. Next year I hope to run it under 25 minutes.

My training group met at a track on Tuesday to do speed work. We ran a mile warm-up and then did 4 x 800's. An 800 is twice around the track, or a 1/2 mile.  We were asked to run it at 80-85% capacity, or hard enough that we felt "uncomfortable."

I averaged a 3:40 pace for my 800's, which is fast for me. Ego took hold. People shot off the line and of course I had to keep up! Ego can be a good thing in a race to keep you going, but I really will have to get a grip on it for training or I'll burn out or injure myself. I probably should have been running the 800 closer to a 4:10 pace.

We've been lucky this week with lower humidity and a few nice breezes. I think the temperatures are creeping back toward 90 starting today, which ought to make this evening's run a challenge. But I'm lovin' all the learning and running support. Ideally, this should be my schedule for the rest of the summer:

  • Sunday: Long run with training group
  • Monday: Rest.
  • Tuesday: Speed work with training group
  • Wednesday: Trail runs with friends
  • Thursday: Morning run with neighbors or evening run with training group
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run with whomever I can find!