Computer Crash

Well, if this doesn't solidify my decision to get a Mac, nothing will. My desktop just crashed. I have the dreaded "NTLDR is missing" message, which means the loading program can't be found. Unknown yet whether I'll lose data. A computer technician is swinging by later this afternoon to pick up the system and take it into the shop for diagnostic's.  Sh** pretty much describes my mood at the moment.

Still, it's a slow week and I'm not on deadline so it could be much, much worse. Most everything that has to be turned in has been, and work in progress or that's been completed as been e-mailed to people, so there should be recovery available there as well.  I know Blair used to back up the system weekly. Whether he's been faithful to this, I don't know. He's in meetings all day and unreachable.

Deep, calming breath. Yes...just breath. It will all work out. Again--I'm really fortunate with the timing on this that I wasn't in the midst of some big project. It will get fixed, and life will go on. There are millions of people in the world who wish their biggest problem in life was that their computer crashed. I'm one of the lucky ones.

There. I actually feel much better. I'll keep you posted on the progress via my laptop. =)