Genius Cat

My girl Olivia is so smart. (Not that Lucy isn't. Well, wait. Let's just say Mommy loves Lucy and leave it at that...) As I've mentioned in prior posts, Olivia has this "thing" where she's decided she wants to be fed between 3:30 and 4:15 am. Not likely. But she bangs our wooden blinds against the window until we at least have to get up and shoo her away.

We've pretty much solved the blind problem by blocking her access to them so ingenious kitty has adopted a new strategy. The closet doors in our bedroom are the wooden bi-fold doors that are slated. They're a bit wobbly in their frame and Olivia has figured out that if she throws her body weight against them they create a loud banging sound, eerily similar to the banging of the blinds.

I'm torn between despair that she's figured out yet another way to thwart us versus being proud of her ingenuity. That's my cat! (Actually, she's Blairs. You know how dogs are said to resemble their owners? Cats are the same. Olivia is shy, retiring, and never calls attention to herself. Lucy, aka "the mouth," is loud, demanding, and rarely satisfied. Guess which cat matches up with which personality??)

Bottom line, no one's getting any sleep. But you know what? That cat is so darn cute, it's worth it.

Happy hump day.