Please bear with me if I indulge today in a bit of a whine. (I know... it's so out of character for me.)

I'm tired. Mentally and physically. Especially physically. The humidity here has been relentless and that combined with an increase in running mileage is taking its toll. I came home last night from a 7-mile hill run and pretty much collapsed into bed. Thank heavens I didn't have to do any work last night as I just don't think I would have been capable of it.

I read months ago in a runner's magazine that once your Sunday long runs move past 12 miles, you can pretty much plan on running that day and doing little else. I'm finding that true. I ran 14 miles on Sunday (and a big shout-out to me for that) but did little the rest of the day. Just too damn tired. 

Aside from being tired, I'm finding the running is taking up a big chunk of time.  For me, drive time is more the issue than time spent running. It's 40 minutes to and from wherever it is my group usually runs and that eats into the schedule. Sunday mornings used to the time Blair and I enjoyed some couple time together, relaxing and reading the Sunday paper, but I'm gone now from about 6:30 AM to close to noon.

All that aside, I'm still really enjoying the runs. The hills last night were brutal and I was sweating and tired and my thighs were shaking and I was wondering why on earth I put myself through this. But finishing the workout is such a feeling of accomplishment. Yes, going through the motions suck and that's why so many people don't do it. That's also why I enjoy doing it. It's pure ego--the knowledge that I can make myself do this when others can't.

I'm also tired mentally. Big projects all with tight deadlines. However, I'm enjoying every assignment I have and find the work interesting so I can't really complain. I will say I'm looking forward to late September when my schedule--somewhat--clears out.

Until then, I'm grateful for family that doesn't mind not hearing from me for weeks at a time, friends that encourage me and listen to me whine with (real or faked, it doesn't matter) looks of sympathy on their faces, and a husband who simply must at some point in his life be awarded the "Most Tolerant & Supportive Man EVER" lifetime achievement trophy.

I'd write more, but I'm just too tired.