Don't Mess With Little Sister

Thank goodness the whininess seems to have passed! Feeling much better today after a good night's sleep. Plus, I was chatting with people yesterday who recited the IMMENSE litany of events and activities they had to choreograph with their kids and it gave me that much needed realization that childless, do-whatever-I-please with my schedule and my life little 'ol me needs to shut up.

I've got to give a shout-out to my sister today for bringing down the hammer with a would-be criminal.

On Monday, my mom left her purse in a shopping cart and when she realized it and went back for it, it was gone. As any of us who have left our purse somewhere know, there is no deeper pit of despair brought on then realizing you've lost your purse. It's your life - credit cards, checking account, driver's license, ATM card. Plus, my mom had BOTH pairs of her glasses in there, receipts, notes, and who knows what all. She was understandably distraught.

Her cell phone was also in the purse so my sister called it and the second time she called, a man picked up. Nicole was very cheerful. "Hi!" she said. "Uh, I don't know if you're aware of this, but the cell phone you're talking on right now has been reported stolen to the police."

The guy spoke minimal English. He said something about the phone or purse being left on his car seat. Nicole was relentless. "Whether it was left or you found it, it's stolen." she said. "And the POLICE are looking for it. The purse is reported stolen to the POLICE and the cell phone is reported stolen to the POLICE and the POLICE know the area where your call is coming from."

She said police about 12 times and the guy finally hung up on her. However, an hour later the store called my mom to say her purse--with everything in it including the cell phone and $1.32 in cash--had been found in a cart at the far end of the parking lot.

There's no chance the purse had been there all along. Mom, the police, and store employees had scoured the lot earlier. So it was my sister's bad-ass attitude that brought justice home.

You go, girl.