Stinky Clothes

Here's how much we love our cats:

Last Sunday, Blair did some work out at the property. Even though it was 95 degrees with about 10 extra points added for intense humidity, he wore jeans and a three-quarter length shirt because he was dealing with briars and brambles.

He came home soaked from sweat, to say the least, and abandoned his clothes on the floor while he took a shower. That was Sunday. Today is FRIDAY and the clothes are still there.

Why? Lucy has a love fest going on with them. She sits on them and purrs. She sleeps on them. She rubs her scent glands over the folds and ridges. In short, she is in total kitty-clothes ecstasy.

"Get off the stinky clothes!" we tell her, but we do nothing to remove them. She seems so happy. "You are stinky kitty," we inform her (not without affection).

So the clothes sit there. I suspect we'll break down this weekend and wash them but it just...I don't know...either cracks me up or worries me to no end that we've allowed this to occur. How much control over your lives is too much when it comes to your cat?

Meanwhile, at least I know where to find her...