End Result

The result of the conference drama from Thursday's post is that Council voted to rescind our invitation to the speaker. Although what really happened, and the way we publicly explained it, is that we explained to the speaker what was happening within our group and the speaker graciously offered to step aside and we took him up on it. Whatever. We still caved.

I'm glad it's over. We posted a notice on Friday and there has been very little list-serv activity or comments on the decision. Long may it last.

My focus right now is on running. My group did a 10-mile run this morning in thick, enveloping humidity and I am weary to the bone. Not to mention wringing wet. I am not one of those charming Southern girls who don't sweat. You could use me to mop floors.

I did great the first 5 miles out then got a cramp in my side around mile 6 and ended up having to walk/run the last 3 miles.  Bummer. But our coach pointed out that while running in this sort of heat is never fun, it really helps because when we do our longer runs in the cooler fall weather, they're going to feel so much easier compared to what we're going through right now. I'll cling to that thought.

Meanwhile, my plans for the day include a shower, reading the paper, a long nap (perhaps two), 1-2 work on an article, grocery store, and that's it.  If I have to move much farther than from the couch to the kitchen, there better be a darn good reason why.

Enjoy your Sunday.