When Every Minute Counts

Do you ever have those weeks where every minute of your time is scheduled? Starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning and ending at about 11:30 am on Friday, almost every second of my time is accounted for.  I have multiple interviews for upcoming articles scheduled for tomorrow morning, a new networking group to attend on Thursday, meetings all day Thursday, runs scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, new client meeting on Wednesday, and the list goes on and on. 

I admit that while some people might complain, I actually thrive on such a tight schedule. When I'm busy I get things done.  There will of course have to be room for flexibility as I think I might flat run out of energy by Thursday if I don't schedule a break in there somewhere. Plus there's the unknown of what may come arise.

Today, for example, I ended up spending all afternoon writing a "need it by tomorrow" brochure. Fortunately, I love the subject matter and the client is a favorite of mine, making the project more fun than stressful. I also was up early and churned out the final draft of an article that's due Wednesday. Ah... I love it when the words just flow.

As it stands, it's 6 pm and I've got to get busy on some research I'll need in place for my interviews tomorrow. If you need me, have your people call my people and we'll schedule something... way, WAY in the future. =)