The World of Opposites

It's happened again. The Universe gives you the opposite of what you ask for to test if you really mean what you say. And apparently, I don't. =)

I'm a goal setter. Luv me some goals, especially in the New Year. One of the goals I set each January is monetary--how much I hope to earn in the new year. I break the goal down by month so it's easier to track.

Last month I had a very lucrative project. So much so that I've actually already earned all of my August and part of my September income. Which is wonderful. The question then became: Do I keep pushing and try to stay ahead, or do I take advantage of the extra money to focus some time on creative projects I've pushed to the side?

I opted for creative projects. Grand plans to spend half days working on book and essay projects.

You can see where this is headed. I made my creative plans and I'm not kidding you, within 3 days my plate was overflowing with new work. There is:

  • A new science/technical article for a breeding magazine. Very scary as it has an "I can't believe an editor would actually do this to me" short deadline, but I'm going for it.
  • Writing a brochure, web site content, one-page, and promotional pieces for a new client.
  • Editing an e-book
  • Writing a keynote speech for a new client
  • Accepting 4 (count 'em, four) new assignments from a local magazine
  • Bidding on a new website content writing project that looks like it will work

Creative writing what??  I admit, I shoved those creative projects to the back burner and am doing my best not to be a stress case as I work through the above. The challenge of it all is kind of fun. EVERYTHING has a tight deadline. I believe every project listed above is due September 1st, with the exception of the science article which is due sooner (I will not think about it, I will not think about it, I will not think about it...)

Soooo... I guess I'll be creative NEXT month, huh? Cheers!