Remember The Pig Eyes??

Blair is working late tonight and I'm here at home, minding my own business. (Isn't that how all good stories start?) I settle in for some VH-1 "Remember the 70's." A happy show, recalling happy times. Until they lead off their tour of the year 1979 with scenes from friggin' AMITYVILLE HORROR!!!!!!

That movie freaked me out as a kid. And all it took was seeing those glowing eye windows and those spooky red pig eyes again to give me the heebie-jeebies. I turned off the TV and walked back to our bedroom, in the dark, and I hadn't yet pulled the blinds so the streetlight was glittering on our chandelier creating fake spooky pig eyes. Augh! If I see one dead fly, I'm calling the cops. Or spiritual cleanser. Whoever can get here the fastest.

What a great movie though. To this day you couldn't pay me to move into a house that has those spooky windows, even if no mass murder was recorded as ever having taken place there.  I bet the real estate value of any home with those windows plummeted after that movie came out.

Okay, I'm going to go read my happy David Sedaris book and not think about glowing swine eyes or basements filled with blood. Really, I'm not. I hope you won't either. Nighty-nite...