Wrap It Up

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've already started the mental planning to wrap my year up. Might as well be Christmas next week for where I am in my head. I've pulled out the calendar and looked at what projects I know I'll have due, mapped out timelines to have them completed, and am for the most part looking forward to winding down with a very slow fourth quarter. I feel like I worked like a maniac this summer--sometimes 30 hour weeks! (Ha ha--had to put that in there for the hubby!!) =) 

But I'm ready to pull back. I've felt it coming on for sometime and I'm ready to act on it. While I love my life and my work, I feel stagnant. I'm adept at what I do, but my writing isn't going anywhere. There's never time to fool around and be creative and explore new genres. So I'm making plans to ease back on the magazine and corporate writing and take some time to just... play. With words. No pressure to produce or publish. Just write because it's there.

This will involve a partial drawback from society. That part will be temporary, I'm sure. There are only so many days in a row I can stay at home and see and talk to no one. My "pay attention to me" meter quickly goes out of whack. But people are on my nerves at the moment. All of them--family, friends, clients, people in line ahead of me at CVS, ... I find myself muttering the word, "moron" just a little too often, telling me that it's not others who have the problem, it's me. Time to take a step back.

I've got a couple projects that will take me through to the end of the year. After that, who knows? It's one aspect of my working life that I absolutely love--I never know what I'll be doing a month from now.

Meanwhile, time is flying by. I guess I better work on getting that Christmas tree up, eh?