Money, Time, & Nature Freaks

Blair and I were hiking at Hanging Rock State Park last weekend, describing our ideal days. Actually, we were talking about what our lives would be like if we were infinitely wealthy. I'm of the firm belief that you have to be able to "see" what you want if there is any hope for it to occur. It's why I'll never win the lotto: I just can't see that happening. But working hard and earning massive amounts of dough? That's within my reach.

So we're walking down this trail, chatting, and I asked Blair to describe his perfect day. He started by saying he'd rise early to make a pot of coffee and, given that we were at our cabin, he'd sip the coffee as he watched the sun rise, then would take our large dog for a walk through the woods. He'd come home, make breakfast for the two of us and we'd sit on the screened in porch and discuss our day.

Lovely. He added more details and finally got to lunch.

"Okay," I said. "That's the first part of your day. Now what does the afternoon look like?"

"Well, now I go to my part-time job," said Blair.

"We're infinitely wealthy," I reminded him. "Are you still working  a part-time job?"


"Okay, what is it?

Blair heaved a sigh. "I'm a park ranger."

Oh. My. God. I almost had to sit down in the path, I was laughing so hard. Just the way he said--like, "What can you do? This is my lot in life..." I was rolling.

"God, I can see it now," I said, wiping away tears. "We'll have to postpone our trip to Europe because you're scheduled to lead a bunch of kids on a nature walk."

"Nature is our friend," Blair reminded me.

I absolutely love it, more so because I think if we were infinitely wealthy there's a good chance he would be a park ranger. Just for fun.  And isn't that what life should be about anyway?

Cheers to all of you and the weird, funny dreams you cherish.