What's New To Do?

In the past, Blair and I have tried to arrange "date nights." You know the drill. Every Wednesday night (or whenever) you set aside to go out to dinner or a movie or spend some time together. We usually make it through about 3 weeks before we get bored or get tied up at work and have to cancel or something comes up why one of us can't make it. We miss two weeks and all of a sudden it's like date night never existed to begin.

So we've come up with a new twist on this old idea. Instead of having a certain night set aside each week, our goal is to instead try 2 new things each month. It could be a restaurant, a play, an art exhibit, checking out a new store, walking in a new park, taking a class... just something new that we haven't done before.

For example, right before Christmas we went to see a film screening of a new DVD called "A Christmas Family Tragedy." It's about the 1929 murder of the Lawson family, one of the worst mass murders in the history of our state that--what are the chances--happened just a town or two over from where we live. The screening was in the gym of an elementary school on rickety folding chairs and limited heat. Not something we usually would sign up for but it was new and kind of intriguing and we ended up enjoying our rather gruesome night.

We don't yet have anything lined up for January. So if anyone has suggestions on "new" things to do or places to see in the NC area, please drop a line on the blog.

Here's to a New Year full of new adventure.