Funny Tidbits in Life

Over the past couple of days I've been mentally collecting amusing events that have occurred in the course of everyday life. By themselves none is probably worthy of a full blog entry but I'll just do what writers do, which is to throw them together, call it a collection, and sit back and collect the royalties.  So, enjoy...

  • When Blair and I went out before Christmas with our friends Pam and Michael, we had a discussion about being pampered at certain hotels. I mentioned that the staff on our Alaskan cruise must have been either psychic or else had spy cam's in place. We could leave our cabin for no more than a minute and when we returned, the room would be straightened. The giveaway was always that the toilet paper would be folded in a small V-shape. I mentioned how much I loved coming back to the room to find the v-shaped t.p. The next day at home, I walked into the bathroom to discover Blair had folded all the toilet paper into v-shaped ends.
  • My mom was visiting this week. I had a gift certificate for Banana Republic so we stopped in there. As I came out of the dressing room in various tops, mom's praise grew more effusive. "Oh, that is so beautiful on you." "Oh honey, you are gorgeous in that!" "Oh my God. Look how beautiful you are." People in the dressing rooms around us were quietly throwing up. I was almost buying into the hype until I came out in this bright kelly green tee Mom had insisted I try on. I wasn't wild about the color but Mom raved about how I looked. "Really?" I asked, spinning around. "Well, maybe..." Just then I caught the sales clerks eye. He gave me the once over, a little frown formed on his forehead as he ever-so-slightly shook his head "no".
  • I dropped Mom off at the airport today. As she was checking in, the United clerk informed her the flight was delayed an hour due to mechanical problems. "The flight I came in on  had mechanical problems as well," said Mom. "I know, it's the same flight," said the clerk. She sighed. "They need to stop sending that stupid plane."

That's it. Hope your 2008 has started off with some laughs as well.