Bad Weather Badasses

The temperature this morning was 21 degrees. With wind chill, it felt like 11. And I was out running 11.4 miles in it. Why? Because I'm a total badass, that's why.  And my friend K. who ran with me--he's a badass too.

We passed one guy out there running in shorts. That's not badass, that's insanity. But the sun was shining, the ice had melted (for the most part) and once we got going it really didn't feel anywhere near as cold as we feared it would be when we reluctantly agreed that morning over the phone to "give it a try."

So we were badasses. Badasses who were huffing, heaving (and maybe even walking a little by mile 10) but still, badasses.

Dena (who likes to say, "badass.")