Dress Up Day

I am wearing pantyhose today.  Please hold your applause.

I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of pantyhose. It's been years. I haven't worked in an office environment that's required them for the last seven years. Plus, women just don't wear them as much nowadays. When I first started working, hose were a must, even on the hottest dog days of summer. (And let me just share that you really haven't worked up a sweat until you've worked up a sweat in a pair of stockings. Are you with me on this, ladies?) So, no hose.

Until today. For no reason, I felt like getting dressed up today. I've got two meetings in Greensboro but nothing that I couldn't wear jeans and a sweatshirt to.  But I decided I must wear a skirt, sweater, and my big indulgence for the year, a kick-ass pair of boots I way overpaid for.  And since it's chilly, I thought, why do bare legs? Why not some sheer hose?

Here's an insight: wearing pantyhose is not like riding a bike. There is an art to putting them on correctly. This may not mean much to you men, but I guarantee every female reading this will nod in sympathy and understanding when I say the phrase, "twisted crotch."

But I managed to yank them on and am now avoiding the cats who--sensing something new about me--have been sharpening their nails on their scratching post all morning.

Ten dollars says I don't make it through the day without a run. Takers?