Annoying Things About Me

In a mild, totally non-compulsive type way, I'm always on the lookout for topics to blog about, usually everyday occurrences in life that make me laugh. The other day Blair did something mildly annoying--I can't even remember what --and I thought, "I'll do a blog about his funny, annoying, yet endearing characteristics." Then I thought he might not appreciate such a blog, so I decided to turn the tables and blog about my own funny, annoying and (one hopes) endearing traits.

So in no particular order other than this is how they occurred to me, here is a list of weird, obsessive, and sometimes annoying habits I possess. Blair honey, this blog's for you.

  • I have to open the curtains as soon as I get up. Even if it’s 4 am and pitch dark, I twist open the blinds and wait for the sun.
  • I believe my plants have feelings and I apologize to them if I accidentally slam their leaves in a drawer or have to yank off a stem. 
  • I like to look in peoples homes at night when I drive by them.
  • I keep my bedside clock set five minutes fast. I insist Blair do the same.
  • I don't mind sorting, washing, drying, or folding laundry, but with all my being I loathe putting it away.
  • I am a musical retard. I listen almost exclusively to 80's pop music - Pat Benatar and the Go-Go's still rock in my book.
  • I can listen to the same music over and over and over. I only have about 30 songs on my I-pod and they've been the same songs for the last four years.
  • If a pan goes on the top shelf, I leave it on the counter for Blair to deal with when he gets home versus getting out the step stool and putting it away myself.
  • I like things to be even. If I crack knuckles on one hand,  I must crack the knuckles on the other. If I scratch behind my left ear, I can't go long before I scratch behind my right.
  • I have an obsession with clean windows in my home but could care less how dirty (on the outside) my car is.
  • I can never remember even rudimentary details about a book less than 24 hours after I’ve read it.
  • I will sometimes pretend not to see people in a crowd to avoid talking to them. (For the record, I feel bad about this. ) 
  • I always ask Blair if he has his keys when we leave the house, even if I have my keys or even if I see his keys in his hand.
  • I can't think straight if there are dishes in the sink
  • No matter what the temperature or time of year, I always have cold hands and feet.
  • I clean the rooms in our home in the exact same order each week.
  • I refuse to reuse a glass. I'll get a clean glass from the cupboard for every meal, snack, or sip of water during the day.
  • I have gotten out of my car at a gas station, turned off the car and unhinged the pump before realizing the "pay at the pump" option is broken. I'll get back in my car and drive to a new gas station before I'll walk the 5 steps inside to pay.
  • I'm a horrible tipper.
  • I  become almost physically ill when I see a stray dog or cat.
  • I still don't know how to properly apply mascara.

Sorry. Some days it's harder than others to find things to blog about.