Runners Don't Get Sick

Bragging will always bring you down. I did the Mangum Shirt Run this weekend and was boasting to another runner how I haven't been sick since I started running. Actually, we were boasting to one another. D--- said he hasn't been sick with so much as a cold in twenty years.  I can't claim anything close to that, but I usually come down sick hard about once a year and I haven't had more than a light sniffle for going on almost two years now.

That record may soon be broken. I woke up about 3:30 last night with a headache and by this morning it had moved to headache and upset stomach. I'm not quite convinced yet that I'm sick though. I'm wondering if it might not just be too much dry heat. Staying indoors too much with the heat cranked can sometimes make me feel less than good. So I'm taking it easy today (which given the low-pressure life I lead these days, borders on comatose) and am just waiting to see.

It's a good excuse to drink hot tea and eat peanut butter crackers in bed though, don't you think?  It's almost what Mondays were made for...