Blair is teaching me to play chess. We spent last night playing a game.  I made one brilliant move, completely by accident. Blair in fact had to point out that in my next move I would capture his queen. He's very patient. It's pretty much like he's playing against himself, as he's still allowing me to talk through every move.

I love the game and how tired I feel after I play it. Much mental exertion. However, I also find it frustrating because at this point, I just can't "see" the moves. I can see maybe 1 or 2 moves ahead (maybe), while you really need to be able to look ahead about 8-10 moves.

"I can't see my next move!" I say in frustration. "How am I supposed to maim my opponent if I can't see my next move?"

"Just enjoy the game," said Blair. "Look, I just enjoy moving the little pieces around the board."

This, I think, pretty much sums up our difference in attitude toward life.

He's pretty funny when we play. I'll go to move a piece and across the table I'll hear, "Cough, cough." So I'll put my hand on a second piece. "Arrrgh, cough," says Blair.

"What?" I ask.

He nods toward the board. "Your horse is in mortal danger."

It's amazing how much free time I've gained since my New Years resolution to watch only 1 hour of TV per day. I didn't really think I watched all that much, but I apparently was vegging out for a couple of hours each night. With no TV, there's now plenty of time for reading, chess, walks, cooking, and household chores.

But for now, I must go. My horse is in mortal danger.