A Trainer's Advice

I talked to my trainer after tonight's run. I'm still struggling. It may not look like it--my times are still pretty good. But I can feel something is off. I'm always tired during and after a run but there's usually also a sense of feeling strong, of enjoying pushing my body to its limits. Not so much these days. I feel like I never really warm-up and everything is staying stiff with legs like lead.

Marisa said it could simply be that the body is tired. She suggested being sure to hydrate throughout the day and also to eat protein after a run and more protein in general. She also suggested backing off on miles, but keeping up intensity. I'm racing a half-marathon this weekend. I ran tonight and am running tomorrow morning, but have decided to take Thursday and Friday off, with just a long walk one of those days. I can't remember the last time I had two days off in a row. Kind of excited.

Marisa also suggested rest. Not a problem. Blair looked at me this morning and said, "It's almost 7. Are you getting up?"

So, rest, water, protein, race. C'mon legs, don't fail me now.