Da Funk is Shook - Day 1 Success

Happy to report that mission "Lose Da Funk" is a go. I had a busy, productive day that has left me eager to dig back into work tomorrow. I had a great writing day and on top of that, managed to prepare a kick-a** spicy red pepper lasagna AND a spinach paneer Indian dish over basmati rice. The morning was wonderfully relaxing with no stop and jerk checking of blogs and e-mails. I got the headlines, organized my work for the day, took a few phone calls, and made it to yoga.

I went into GSO to work, but when I got back the mojo kept flowing. Instead of vegging with 40 minutes of Oprah (which always turns into closer to 2 hours), I watered the plants, ran to the grocery store, entered receipts in my expense account, and spent an hour going through the hall and linen closets, as well as my jewelry, shoe, and purse collection, weeding out items for this Saturday's yard sale. 

I did ab work while the rice simmered and shot out some e-mails while I waited for the red peppers to cool. Instead of sitting down at 7 pm in front of the TV, I finally got around to responding to today's e-mails. 

I'm tired, but in a good way. Got a lot of good writing done and all the other minor details make me feel like I've accomplished something today. None of this is surprising, however, I am always a model student on Day 1. And I'll have enough of a buzz left over from today to carry me through tomorrow.  The real test will come later this week when I just want to bonk in front of mindless TV or eat cereal for dinner instead of making something healthy.

The great news is I started a new chapter - a Myers Briggs Type profile for felines-- and I'm cracking myself up as a I write it, always a good sign.

On a different note... a woman in my running group who has trained like a warrior all summer for her first marathon found out that she has a pulled ligament she has to stay off of for a minimum of 6 weeks. That means no marathon for her. If you're not a runner, it may be hard to understand the heartbreak associated with this. You all have seen how much time and focus I devote to my running and trust me when I say I take it easy on you--I could write about running 24/7. Pumping yourself up for a marathon is like planning all year for the vacation of a lifetime--you've got the star hotel, you've made lists of everything you want to see, you've got new clothes, and your whole being is focused on the number of days left until you escape to your paradise--only your boss pops up and demands you work that week and the whole vacation is trashed in an instant. Amy will be back next year for sure, but it's cruel to have an injury like that this late in the training. 

That's all for tonight. One last check of e-mail and then I'm signing off for the night.