I'm Over the Cooking Thing

I spent a lot of time in my kitchen this week. It's part of my "eat healthy to pull out of the funk" endeavor. On the up side, I am eating healthy. On the down side, I am going to turn postal if I have to set foot in that kitchen again anytime within the next 48 hours.

Actually, I can deal with the kitchen. It's the unending trips to the grocery store which are wearing me down. While my ability to prepare a dish based on a written recipe seems to be improving, it's marked by a matching decline in my ability to write down and shop for all the ingredients in one sitting.

I made a red pepper lasagna earlier this week AFTER I made the trip to the store becaue I'd forgotten to buy ricotta cheese and pasta sauce during our regular weekly grocery trip.

My running group is meeting tonight to watch "Spirit of the Marathon," and I thought I'd make a recipe from the recent issue of Runner's World magazine for Coconut-Almond bars. Went to the store and loaded up on ingredients. Started making the recipe and realized the honey I had at home wasn't going to equal a full cup. Back to the store. More prep, only to realize I also didn't have enough peanut butter. Back to the store, this time with gritted teeth.

Today I'm making a vegetable curry. As I started chopping vegetables I realized I'd used all the red peppers for the lasagna. Too bad, I thought. We'll iive without red peppers.

Except I also had no coconut milk in the house. We had looked for it at the store, but they were out of the light milk so I'd meant to check another store and had forgotten. Out the door I sccoted for coconut milk (NOT an easy ingredient to find in a store, btw) and since I was there, what the hell, a red pepper.

No more. I'm done. If it doesn't come packaged or delivered, I'm not eating it for at least the next two days. 

This cooking thing is way harder than it looks... =)