Dreaming Creek book now available!

It may embarras him, but I simply must put a plug in for my friend Edmund Schubert's (remember that name!) new book, Dreaming Creek. The book is up on his publisher's website for pre-orders and will be in stores by November. 

If anyone is a sci-fi fan, you're familiar with the work of Orson Scott Card. Ed is the editor for Card's online magazine, Intergalactic Medicine Show and co-edited a book with Card, based on stories in the magazine.

The publication of Dreaming Creek is a big deal, not just to Ed, but to me. I met Ed--and most of my writer friends--when I joined a Greensboro based writers group years ago. About 8 of us have formed a gluey clump, where we read and edit each others work and offer guess-based marketing advice.

What thrills me about this book is that I was there for the early stages. I was one of the readers to critique the first draft. The story has changed significantly since then, and I can't wait to read the final version. But I got to voice my opinion about the cover, the jacket blurb, etc. It's kinda cool seeing all the behind-the-scenes friend stuff suddenly "come alive" in the real world.

I'm just amazed how well my group of friends has done. Writing is a hard, hard business where few find success. Now mind you, none of my friends and I are household names (yet!) but the majority of us are making headway in our goal of being writers. Ed has this book, is the editor of Diversity Woman magazine, and editor for Intergalactic Medicine Show. My friend Pamla King Cable is the author of Southern Fried Women and is marketing her new book, Televenge. I've got my cat books out, have an agent marketing my newest book, and earn my living as a freelance writer. Laine is an accomplished and sought after ghostwriter, and her agent is shopping two of her ficiton novels around to the major publishing houses. My friend Tom published Brick Walls: Reflections on Race in a Southern School District and is looking for a publisher for his new manuscript. My friend Bernie completed her first middle-grade novel and is seeking representation while she works on her next book.

Everyone is making it happen, which I find amazing, given the small little group of "who are you?" people that we are. It's very cool to watch happen.

All of which is a long way of saying, go buy my friend Ed's book! I promise a great story with a wild twist!