Myers Briggs for Cats - Creating the Purr-sonality Profile

My brain is about to explode. I've spent this week devising a Myers-Briggs type "Purr-sonality Profile" for cats for A Cat's Little Book of Self-Help. Coming up with questions for the quiz was fun. Now I'm working on devising a semi-accurate point system that allows readers to take the quiz for their cats and gives them a "valid" profile reading. I've got papers scattered in front of me with scribbles all over them reading a=3, b=1, etc.

I started the quiz not realizing the magnitude of the task I'd set myself, then moved to thinking creating a valid quiz was impossible, then decided I was overthinking things and making it all harder than it needs to be, and now, after 5 hours of staring at the keyboard, I've decided to just assign everything the value of pie and move on with my life. (Well, not really, but that's what I want to do.)

I'm almost blind, so I think I'll call it a day. I've got to wrap this chapter up tomorrow, so I'll hit it early, before my brain has time to jump in and protest. I suspect when the books sells the editor will make changes to my format regardless, so it's probably not worth getting too hung up over.

Two more chapters to draft out after this. Getting close...