Running Starts the Day Out Right

When I stepped outside this morning at 7:15, sky just beginning to pale with the rising sun, frost silver on the grass and my breath visible in clouds in front of me, my initial thought was, "S***."

I am not a fan of being cold. Therefore, I was not happy about hauling my cookies to GSO to do a freezing cold trail run. My first mile out on the trail didn't help. "This isn't fun anymore," I thought, as I wiped my dripping, frozen nose with my icy hands. My ass was a solid chunk of ice.

But about 2 miles in the sun seemed to pop out of nowhere, changing the fall leaves to a bright gold under our feet and sending sparkles of water and shimmery fog across the lake. We entered into a steady pace and my body warmed up, allowing me to enjoy the crunch of leaves and branches under my trail shoes as I watched squirrels and chipmunks scatter out of our way. Dave and I chatted about running and races or jogged in silence, lost in our own thoughts.

By the time we completed our 6 mile loop, I was wondering why I ever did anything with my time BUT run. There simply is no better way to kick-start the day. I came home, took a long, hot shower and have been a walking bundle of energy ever since. The sun is gleaming through the windows and even though it's already past 11, the day still feels filled with potential. There are hours in which to write, cook, read, and love on the cats. And the small things that seemed annoying this morning (I need to order business cards, we have a yellowjacket nest over our back porch so I need to call the exterminator--AGAIN, I have calls to return,...) now seem okay. Fun, even.

Would I have felt this way without the run? Maybe, but I doubt it. The cold was worth it. What a great way to start the day.

Someone remind me of this on Sunday, when we do our last 21-mile run. =)