The Last of the Business Cards

Do you ever procrastinate on something to the point of ridiculousness? I'm usually pretty Type A about attending to the details of life, but I apparently have some sort of unresolved mental/emotional block toward ordering business cards that prevents me from taking even the first step in that direction. Probably something that happend in my childhood.

I have FOUR cards left. Four. And I've got a book signing/workshop presentation the 2nd weekend in Novemeber and I'm a featured speaker at a writers conference in Atlanta the 3rd weekend in November. Hmmm... think there will be any immediate need for cards in my future?

I know why I'm waiting. I have 2 cards I use - one book oriented and one business-writing oriented. I'm reviving and updating the book card, but what's happened is the woman who designed my cards has gone a different route. So what used to be a quick call on my end - "Linda, I need more cards" has now morphed to mega-hassle proportion in my mind as I must take her image, erase some text, add others, find a new printer, etc. (Yes, it will probably take all of an hour once I sit down and do it, but I'm finding any reason to avoid doing that, including early voting today.)

The other card, my business card, needs an overhaul as well - new background and something... something... on the back side. I'm meeting tomorrow with the friend who designed this card and little does she know of my plans to ambush her and beg help with a new design.

Cards before the book signing--that's the goal.