Try Again Tomorrow

It's official. I'm in a funk. I had today's schedule all mapped out. A friend/client was teaching a lunchtime workshop in GSO at noon. I got up early, did some yoga, baked a quiche (because I'm that damn good), showered, did full hair and makeup and put on some power clothes for the luncheon.

Then I looked outside. Gray. Misty. I looked at myself in the mirror. My blouse was uncomfortable and my bra strap was digging into my shoulder. Looked outside again. Still gray and misty. Looked at feet. Black and white cat looked up at me and said, "Meow."

"My thoughts exactly," I said. I quickly dumped the blouse and heels for running pants and a baggy t-shirt. It's now 2:30 PM and I have yet to even step outside today.

I decided to spend my day editing a magazine that pays me to proofread all copy before they go to print. Made it through half the magazine before my ink cartridge ran out. I know better than to edit online--I miss way too much. I looked longingly at the couch and our video collection. No! Bad writer!

So now I sit here blogging ( least it's writing) and hoping I can pull myself together enough to edit/shape some website text for a friend.

I'd like to say I'll hit it tomorrow but you know what? I doubt it. I'm just about at the point where I'm willing to write the week off as a loss.

Lucy says "Meow." See? She agrees with me...