Ready to Shake Off Da Funk

It's a new week and I'm a new woman. Did some thinking about the "the funk" this past week and decided a few changes are in order.

#1 - Better Diet. I ate like crap for most of this week and saw it reflected in my runs. My times were okay, but my legs felt heavy and I really had to push myself--mentally and physically--to just DO the runs. The marathon is in just over 30 days so it's time to man up--whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lots of water, moderate eating habits. I suspect the poor diet affected my mood last week as well, so hopefully "good in, good out."

#2 - No e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and checking other people's blogs before 11 am. I know. As Blair said upon hearing my declaration, "The 15th time is the charm." I've sworn off e-mail in the mornings before, but the awfulness of trying to focus last week has convinced me it's a necessity. My mind gets way too fragmented when I start my day off with short, unfocused blasts of activity. Mornings are for book writing. Period. (**Just so no one thinks I'm cheating, I will allow morning blog posts. I often find it helps to use my blog writing as a "warm-up" to the "real" writing of the day. So if you see a 9:40 am post, do not send me "You're a cheater" e-mails...)

#3 - Less TV. Again, it's the mindless crap I fill my mind with that I'm convinced makes me unmotivated and lethargic. I have plenty to fill my time--running, stretching, reading, we're finally painting the guest bedrooom, I have plants dying to be repotted, pet the cats, clean/laundry, take a walk, prepare a healthy meal, call friends, website updates, volunteer work, speech preparation, get ready for this weekend's yardsale,...

#4 - Less Politics. It's no secret I'm a lifelong Democrat (although... pretty sure I'll be voting for a Republican for Governor). I am SO uptight/angry/hopeful/worried/optimistic/pessimistic/scared on a daily basis that it's draining the life out of me. I'm cutting way back on reading/watching/discussing national politics. 

It's like New Year's in October. None of the changes are all that major though. It's just doing more of the good part of what I'm already doing, and easing up on the less productive aspects.

Wish me luck on that e-mail thing though... =)