The Recovery Run

Went for a slow and easy 20 minute recovery run today. I'm thrilled with how quickly my legs have bounced back--virtually no stiffness at this point. Wish I could say the same for my feet. They look like something has been chewing on them. I had massive blood blisters on 4 toes and am limping around the house, trying not to put any pressure on the open wounds. Lovely.

Here are some race pictures taken by expert photographer Christine of Team Evolve. These are taken not even a quarter mile from the finish line. Check out the poor guy laying on the ground behind me in one of them. Apparently he fell a block or so back and hit his head, didn't remember doing that, got up and kept running, then collapsed on the ground almost directly in front of Blair and everyone from home. I love this sport!

 Throwing kisses

Poor guy on side of road. So close!