Cat Writers of America - Atlanta Conference

Soon I will hop in a car and head south for the annual Cat Writers Association. I'm presenting a workshop there Friday on "Publicity, Promotion, & Pulling Your Hair Out." I've been feeling a tad guilty I haven't done more to spice up the workshop like PowerPoint or a laser show or interpretive dance. But then yesterday I received a call from a fellow presenter who has spent the last 2 months pulling together her PowerPoint presentation only to be told there will be no computer access. (People--always, ALWAYS confirm you have the A/V you need in place.) So now I'm not feeling so bad...

On an entirely separate note, a local radio station has gone to all holiday songs, all the time. Normally this annoys me but I spent the morning driving around GSO singing along to "Jingle Bell Rock," and "Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas." Who AM I?? If you see me handing out flowers at an airport, please intervene.

Happy Tuesday.