Blair's Cold

In case you haven't caught it yet, do be on the lookout for Blair's cold.

Blair woke up Thursday morning, the day we were to leave for Atlanta, coughing and sneezing. Blair, who has never taken a sick day from work IN HIS LIFE, said that if it were a workday, he would stay home. So the man was not feeling well. But he pulled it together and we drove to Atlanta.

In Atlanta he passed his cold on to my sister's two boys, who sniffled and wheezed for the 14-hour car ride home to Chicago. The boys are now passing Blair's cold on to my sister and my mother, who lives nearby. It shouldn't be long before the rest of the city goes under.

Meanwhile, chances are strong Blair also passed the cold along to my dad, who returned to the West Coast, as well as to my Aunt and Uncle in Atlanta. I know I woke up last night with a scratchy throat and my nose is Rudolph-red today, so he's also managed to hit North Carolina.

Blair's cold. Fear it.