How Long Does It Take You to Unpack From A Trip?

When you arrive home from a trip, do you let your bags lie around or instantly dive into unpacking? Me, I'm a diver. We left my aunt's beautiful Atlanta home this morning at 6 AM and pulled up to our house at 11:30 AM. By 11:45 I was unpacked, luggage stored, and laundry sorted for loading. Can't stand to have bags sit around. Can't. Stand. It.

After unpacking, I paused to chat with the pet/housesitter who does such a marvelous job for us and goes the extra mile by having all her towels and bed linens washed and back in place by the time we get home. PLUS, she made brownies for us. This is a woman to be reckoned with.

Being pent up in a car for 5 hours apparently filled me with an energy burst that I translated into putting a second coat of paint on three walls in the front room (ran out of paint for the fourth--darn it), planning the Thanksgiving meal with Blair, grocery shopping (Serious lack of decent sweet potato's. We're not panicking--yet.), and trying to trap 2 tiny black and white kittens we saw on the sidewalk on our way home from the store. I went back with food and a carrier, but couldn't find them. I left some food out. It's supposed to be COLD here tonight and they're so young and small. I hope they'll be all right. I may go out again tomorrow and see if I can find them. They're young enough to be adoptable.

If I ever doubt that I am loved, I need only leave on a trip and then come home to my cats. Both my girls followed me around, anxious, until I sat on the floor and gave each a good brushing and back rub, with lots of lovey-talk. We're currently in the front room watching the Panther Game under the watchful gaze of both cats.

Currently wading through wads of e-mails and getting ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. Literally and figuratively. It's been a week since the marathon so it's time to slowly start upping my mileage, and I also have--let's just say " a lot"--of work to do and leave it at that.

Wonderful to be home. Olivia and Lucy say hello.