Chef Dena

I can not even begin to describe the amount of FOOD in our house at this very moment. I went on one of my random "I'm Betty Crocker reincarnated" rampages this week. As a result, we can barely close the fridge.

Homemade pizza with onion, olives, and bell pepperCheck out the pizza. I made that. Mine actually even came out looking pretty close to the photo which almost never happens. I must say, I felt quite "da woman" last night as my HOMEMADE PIZZA DOUGH was rising in a bowl. I severely underestimated the upper arm strength needed to roll out dough, though. Ow, ow, ow. Also, the kitchen hasn't quite recovered. I got flour on the counters, the floor, the ceiling, and at least one cat. I wet a paper towel to clean up the mess so now there's a light, doughy substance on just about everything.

I made 2 pizzas - soy sausage for Blair and veggie for me. That's in additon to the massive amount of chili I made this weekend. (I simply can not face another bowl of chili for lunch. Can NOT.) I bought the ingredients to make a chicken pot-pie for tonight (veat chicken meat!) but there is simply no room in the fridge. We are eating pizza and chili for the remainder of the week.

We also have a lot of strawberries. I got a call yesterday from Blair at about noon, saying that "tomorrow is snack day at work and I have to bring something." It's like a five-year-old letting you know that the play is tomorrow and by the way, he needs a frog costume.

"How long have you known about this?" I demanded.

Phone silence. Finally, "Ummm. About two weeks?" he finally says.

Luckily, my sister gave me this really cool recipe book of her favorite recipes and it had a holiday section in it, so we managed to whip up individual strawberry cheesecakes. Kind of - I messed up the recipe by using real sugar instead of the confectioner's sugar the recipe called for. Blair said I should have my own TV show called "Cooking with Dena." They'd have to bleep out every other word as I walk around my TV set kitchen yelling, "Damn it! That's not supposed to look like like that," and "Here's a picture of what the dish should look like. If your dish looks like mine, that means you f'd it up."

You'd watch, right? Okay, it's 8:30 am. Sounds like a good time for a little pizza snack. =) Have a great day.